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New Products Launching



Promotion Carton

RM 35.00
Ext. Size: 560mm X 340mm X 140mm
Ext. Size: 208mm X 102mm X 342mm
Ext. Size: 103mm X 103mm X 342mm
Ext. Size: 428mm X 278mm X 319mm
Ext. Size: 245mm X 75mm X 312mm

General Box with Handle Hold / Moving Box

Tall Box

RM 16.50
Ext. Size: 610mm X 460mm X 610mm | 1820g

General Box with Handle Hold / Moving Box

Xtra Large Box

RM 18.50
Ext. Size: 610mm X 610mm X 610mm | 2360g

General Box with Handle Hold / Moving Box

Large Box

RM 12.50
Ext. Size: 610mm X 400mm X 350mm | 1370g
Now Everyone Can Purchase Carton Box Online



We are an online carton box company located at Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.
We provide solutions to your storage needs with just a click of your mouse.
We offer 
affordable and quality boxes for both business and personal use.
Customers can easily purchase our products online through a secure gateway
without losing their confidential information. We aim to provide convenience
and confidence to our customers with our quality products and services.



100% satisfaction guarantee items with high quality and lowest price!